About the TTPOA

In the early 1980’s a group of Texas police officers who were assigned to SWAT units saw an obstacle in the path of their careers. This obstacle was a lack of training, and a lack of standards for tactical officers, tactical teams, and the operations they conduct. These officers recognized a need for a state association to exchange information, to create standards of training, and equally as important, to create and provide affordable training resources for tactical officers and teams.

The Texas Tactical Police Officers Association was the result.

The TTPOA encourages communication and mutual support between agencies. COMMAND magazine has been the communication tool for the association since 1992. Each year the TTPOA holds a Competition to encourage high standards of physical fitness, and a conference to give members a chance to "network" for the exchange of ideas and techniques as well as to attend high quality tactical training.

In the years since the formation of the association, we have gone from an obscure group of a few dozen to a dynamic organization of over 3,000 members. This non-profit organization is run by elected members, members of tactical teams who volunteer their time. We strive to make training and information available to our membership, both through our sponsored training courses and through COMMAND.