Training Name: Firearms
Course Name: 2-Day Patrol Rifle - Region 1
Dates: 03/25/2024 - 03/26/2024
Venue: Williamson County Range
Hutto, TX 78634
Price: $395
Instructors: Eric Wise
Course Description:

This 2 day (16 hour) course will fulfill all of the requirements for the TCOLE Patrol Rifle Handler's Course.  Students can arrive at this class with no familiarity with the AR-15 platform and leave with the ability to safely and proficiently handle their rifle in a patrol scenario.

Instructor Bio
Eric Wise founded Cornerstone Performance after 20 years in Texas law enforcement.  Eric is a full time firearms instructor with a large Central Texas agency.  He is a founding member of his department's competitive shooting team and is the Match Director for the largest LE-Mil shooting competition in the country.  Eric is a multi-division Master Class shooter in both USPSA and IDPA.  He also has several top finishes at the Sons Of Liberty Carbine Series rifle match.  More information is available at  

Topics Covered
-Field stripping and cleaning
-Setup for slings an accessories
-Zeroing and accuracy drills for both irons sights and optics
-Positional shooting
-Aggressive shooting with an elevated heart rate
-Rifle-Pistol transitions
-Malfunction clearance
-Shooting on the move / Aggressive movement with a rifle
-Priority of fire

Packing List
-Ammunition: 700 Rifle - 100 Pistol
-AR-15 style rifle - 3 Magazines - Sling
-Patrol belt and duty pistol with 3 magazines
-Eye and ear protection
-At least one rifle mag pouch
-Note taking material
-Body armor - Plate carrier - Ballistic helmet
-Personal items for a long day on the range


$395 Member

$425 Non Member

If you have questions regarding this course, contact Region 1 Director AJ Rivera (281) 796-1889

Training Description:

TTPOA believes in bringing in some of the best instructors in the country to share their knowledge and experience. If you have requests for a specific instructor or course, contact your Regional Director.