American Defense Solutions
14455 N. 79th St. Suites C & D
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

American Defense Solutions is a leading force in providing ballistic vehicle packages to Law Enforcement through a variety of innovative products. Our commitment to supporting Law Enforcement through our three core products: Got Your Six®, Wingman®, and Security Window Laminate.

GY6® enhances police vehicles when you add this ballistic seat backer that protects the driver of the vehicle and can also be quickly removed from the vehicle for a rapid deployment. Also, it is extremely lightweight and flexible allowing it to easily be moved within the vehicle. Wingman®, our cutting-edge ballistic door armor solution, adds an essential layer of protection to law enforcement vehicles, ensuring officers and their equipment are shielded from lethal threats. Lastly, our Security Window Laminate fortifies vehicle windows, making them highly resistant to forced entry protecting both the occupants and the equipment within. Our product allows the driver to maintain full visibility and functionality as it is applied to the existing windows. At American Defense Solutions, our mission is to empower Law Enforcement with top-notch ballistic packages, contributing to a safer environment for both officers and the communities they serve. Making us the trusted choice for agencies seeking to enhance their vehicles capabilities with ballistic solutions to prepare them anything the shift may throw their way.