Sons of Liberty Gun Works
2828 South Laredo Street
San Antonio, TX 78207

 L9 Mfg. / SOLGW  aims to be the trusted choice for the professional end-user and the community they serve, by producing safe, reliable and superior rifles tailored to meet their operational needs. Since 2014, L9 Mfg., the goverment sales divison of SOLGW, have been dedicated to providing high-quality, American-made M4 and MK10 firearm platforms and accessories that have proven craftsmanship and performance. As a leader in the firearms industry, L9 Mfg. instills confidence and trust in their clients through innovative design, extensive data collection, rigorous product testing and accuracy. L9 Mfg. stands with the professional end-user by offering a lifetime warranty and a service promise to support and replace, any issued firearm platform that has been used in the line of duty.