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10/20/2020 to 10/21/2020
When: Oct 20-21, 2020
Where: 35100 North State Highway 108
Mingus, Texas  76463-6405
United States
Contact: Sean Harris

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2 days (16 hr) TCOLE #3342 (Tactical Firearms Training)


October 20-21 at Tac Pro Shooting Center 0800-1700 each day


Instructors:  Bill Davison, Mike Moore

The purpose of this course is to teach the student proper techniques and principles for fighting alongside another officer.  This course will benefit both the patrol officer as well as a member of a tactical team; the key principles are the same regardless of whether you wear a Blue Uniform and a IIIA vest or Multicam and a plate carrier.  Rule #1 in a gunfight is to have a gun and know how to use it.  Rule #2 is to bring friends with guns.  The purpose of this course is to maximize the effectiveness of a two-officer team.  If we are fighting as (2) single officers we will not be nearly as efficient or safe.  The principles and techniques taught in this course will allow the student to operate both inside structures and in a rural setting.  Tac Pro Shooting Center is unique in the fact that we have the ability to build up a live fire shoot house on a closed bay and have 180 degree shooting capability, and operate on a remote portion of the nearly 600-acre facility engaging steel knock down targets while maneuvering down a road or path surrounded on both sides by dense brush.


Day One will begin in the classroom with an equipment inspection followed by a brief question and answer session between the instructors and students as to the student’s goals for the course.  Topics covered on Day One include:  safety, fundamentals of shooting (quick overview), fighting alone versus fighting with a partner.  Students will spend the majority of the day on the square range learning to shoot with another person in physical contact with them.  Most shooters want to build their “bubble” and shoot from their spot but the reality of a gunfight is that you will most likely be pressed against your partner so you can both get sights on target or make maximum use of cover.  Many times, the fight will occur in a confined space such as a hallway, or cluttered room with minimal maneuver room available.  Shooters will learn how to safely displace their partner and occupy their space and the responsibilities of both shooters once this happens.  We will learn to safely work around non-threats to maneuver into a position that offers a good shooting angle to the threat.  Many other drills will be used to build the trust needed for 2 officers to effectively fight and communicate with each other as a team. 


Day Two will begin in the classroom with a review of the drills performed on day one and any questions will be answered or topics covered in greater detail as needed.  After a quick warmup on the square range the shooters will move to a live fire shoot house and work on two officer room entry techniques.  Shooters will learn how to safely take a room either dynamically or by conducting a slow clear with their partner.  The class will work on left hand feed, right hand feed and center feed rooms and address hallways and T-intersections.  The morning will culminate with live fire drills on the above tactical problems.

After lunch, the students will move to the “Jungle Run” and the principles and techniques covered thus far will be put to use while performing tactical operations in a rural environment.  There are no berms or “Safe Down Range” in a gunfight usually.  The world is what it is, and as officers we must be able to effectively fight in 360 degrees.  When working with a partner situational awareness is even more critical than when fighting/shooting as an individual.  Students will get several runs down various lanes as a culmination of this course.  This course will primarily focus more on the tactics than the weapons platform being utilized.  Many of the drills will be performed with handguns only but some of the drills will allow the incorporation of long guns if the student chooses to bring a patrol shotgun, patrol carbine or submachine gun



  •  Duty type handgun with duty/tactical belt with holster, capability to carry at least (2) additional handgun magazines.
  •  A minimum of (3) pistol mags/(5) mags if a single stack are required but the more magazines the better.
  •  Duty long gun (carbine, shotgun, SMG) with a sling and a way to carry at least (2) additional magazines/extra shotgun ammunition.
  •  Eye and Ear protection.
  •  Train like you fight so whatever your normal load out is at your job will be acceptable for this course.  Students may add or subtract gear as   desired during the training.
  •  Ammunition:  1200 rnds pistol (ball is fine) 
  •  200 long gun (ball for rifle, bird or buck for shotgun.)
  •  If bringing a long gun then 1000 rnds pistol will be plenty.

Please come prepared, if you have a new untested weapons/gear this will slow the class down.


 Wear appropriate clothing and footwear designed to protect the shooter while shooting from various positions as well as travelling overland through tall grass and some brush.


Note:  Even though there is no prerequisite for this course, students will be expected to know how to load, unload, and clear stoppages with the weapon system(s) they bring. This is not a basic shooting course; much of the time will be spent teaching/learning the dynamics of shooting/fighting with a partner in physical contact with the shooter.  A good understanding/mastery of the fundamentals of marksmanship is considered a prerequisite.



Instructors: Bill Davison and Mike Moore


Bill Davison: Bill has over 20 years of firearms experience- 14 years of which was with the British Special Forces. His career began with the Royal Marines and he finished his service as an instructor for the British Special Forces. During this time, he was instrumental in developing the firearms training programs for the Special Forces in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. He has instructed worldwide and has been featured in Elite Special Forces documentaries. After leaving the Armed Forces he formed a company in England of former Special Forces personnel specializing in VIP protection of heads of state and ruling families, as well as continuing to instruct law enforcement worldwide, where his expertise is highly respected.

Bill is also a currently certified NRA Law Enforcement Instructor and remains actively involved in the Law Enforcement community by maintaining certifications as well as providing customized training to specialized units, firearms instructors as well as patrol officers. Bill continues to maintain his close relationships with members of the firearms industry and is frequently called on to Test and Evaluate new products before they are released for public sales.

MIke Moore: Mike began his Law Enforcement career at the Fort Worth Police Dept. in July 1995. He worked for approximately 5 years in Patrol (North Division) and 5 years in Zero Tolerance/Directed Patrol (North Division.) While assigned to these units he was frequently on loan to the weapons range as a firearms instructor to assist with qualification and to teach recruit classes. In 2007 he was assigned full time to the weapons range where he has continued to work as an instructor and armorer.

Mike has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Texas at Arlington in Criminology and Criminal Justice he earned in 1995. He is a Master Peace officer (2005), TCOLE instructor (1998) and TCOLE Firearms Instructor (1998.) Mike is currently certified in or has been previously certified as an armorer on over (15) different weapon systems including over 200 hrs on the AR15/M16 family of weapons. He has a NRA LE instructor certification for Precision Rifle as well as Shotgun/Pistol. He has attended thousands of hours of instructor and operator courses including: handgun, shotgun, patrol carbine and precision rifle including classes at Blackwater and Gunsight.

Mike has been one of the lead instructors on staff at the FWPD Weapons Range for the last 12 years and has facilitated the transition from Sig pistols to Glock pistols for the department. He was also one of the core group of instructors to develop the patrol carbine program, semi-auto shotgun program, weapon mounted light program and the patrol marksman program for his agency. Mike also teaches the entire array of courses offered at Tac Pro Shooting Center with Bill Davison to include: handgun, shotgun, patrol carbine, force on force, fight at night, precision rifle, extreme long range precision rifle as well as closed courses for units/agencies or private instruction.

Mike has a passion for shooting as well as teaching and continues to improve his personal knowledge and skills by competing in 3-gun matches, pistol matches and sniper matches. He feels that just because you are an instructor you should never stop being a student. He has attended SHOT show for the last 7 years and has had the opportunity to Test and Evaluate new products from vendors before making recommendations to the agency for approval.


Cost $350 per student

All fees are due by 10/16/2020.  There will be no refunds for cancellations after that date.

Registration must be done on-line.  Payment should be made to TTPOA.  Credit card payment is strongly recommended.  Payments(checks) should be mailed to P.O. Box 304, Burnet Texas 78611 Inquiries regarding the course or other questions can be directed to  SHarrisTTPOA@gmail.com



Additional information/contact information:

Tac Pro Shooting Center


Tel: 254.968.3112

Fax 254.968.5857


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