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The Mistral Group Presents Demo Day
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When: Monday, October 26, 2020
9:30 AM
Where: 1501 Kings Rd
Garland, Texas  75042
United States
Contact: B. Hernandez

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Mistral is proud to partner with select vendors to bring a Demo Day to the Greater Dallas Area Law Enforcement Agencies on October 26th, 2020 at 1501 Kings Road, Garland TX 75042 from 9:30am - 3:00pm. Each vendor and some of what they are showcasing is highlighted below. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.




  • EOD Blue Claw Crab Cutter – Maritime/terrestrial tool for cutting line/seatbelts/bags/etc. Rust resistant, snag free, no premature line cutting


  • Explosive Detection – The original trace (pre or post blast) detection and identification tool. Colorimetric based test that confirm minute amounts of explosives present. Comes in aerosol, drop bottle and ampoule form.


  • Drug Detection – Using the same chemistry in our explosive detection kits, to detect/identify narcotics. Trace or bulk and comes in aerosol, ampoule and pouch form (some are non-acidic and do not destroy evidence). ALERT kit for 1st responders that tests both drugs and explosives together.


  • Forensic Product line – Gunshot powder residue test, see through spray for covertly looking in envelopes for mailroom operations


  • Skunk – 100% organic, NON-Lethal malodorant used for passive crowd dispersal. (soap will be provided as well)


  • Wolfftracker – Through wall tracking for SWAT/entry teams. Small tactical “tracker” that can be placed on a wall and will light up green when there’s movement behind the wall. (cannot go through metal)




  • TCV - DDESB-Approved Total Containment Vessel with self-closing door and CBRN capability for safe transport and disposal of both traditional and WMD devices up to 15 pounds C-4.


  • Grabber - A simple, all-mechanical, one-piece manipulator that takes just seconds to extend or collapse to quickly maneuver through narrow spaces and doorways. Collapses to 54 inches for easy transport in many vehicles and weighs only 7 pounds.


  • TAC-FAB Blast Ring - A reusable, one-man deployable blast ring for quick placement over a device to mitigate horizontal frag risk during disruption while directing blast upward. Ring can be easily X-rayed and also provides closer evidence collection post-blast




  • Mini- Caliber and Caliber T5 Robots- Compact robots for both EOD and SWAT teams. Light-weight, man portable with multiple accessory add-ons as needed. Can go up/down stairs.


  • Claw Kits - Precision engineered Claw Attachment tools to increase the capabilities of your CALIBER® robot.


  • Remote firing device- The Rothenbuhler1680 Remote Firing Device is light weight, inexpensive and supports up to 8 remotes with dual-ouput, non-El and electric initiation.







  • Drone Killer - Strike back at UAV threats with a portable counter-drone system that takes the fight to your adversaries


  • DJI Aeroscope- AeroScope is able to identify the vast majority of popular drones on the market today by monitoring and analyzing their electronic signals to gain critical information such as pilot location, allowing users to protect the integrity of their flight-sensitive environment.


  • Mavic 2 Enterprise-With an option of Optical & Thermal cameras or Zoom this tool can be used in a multitude of public safety operations from EOD robot assistance to search and rescue.


  • Zeus RFD-The SRFI Law Enforcement Remote Firing System incorporates military safety and reliability in a civilian-use-approved federal, state, and local law enforcement device. The SRFI demolition and tactical tool set evolved through federal law enforcement evaluat ions, feedback, and refinements specific to civilian tactical operations.


  • Microtech Knives- Microtech Knives started in 1994 with one mission: make the best knives possible. From OTF and automatic knives to pocket folders and fixed blades, their knives are designed and engineered to extremely close tolerances for ultimate performance.


  • Wire Piercing Probe Kit- These special probes are designed to attack wire insulation. By utilizing a bed of nails probe, and a strong 7lb spring they will pierce & remain in contact with the internal conductor during measurement. Accepts wire diameters up to 5mm.Wire can be inserted from multiple angles within the 180 degree opening making your EOD / Bombtech operations easier. The wire leads are 12" long leads.




  • MARS Elevated Tactics System- MARS (Mobile Adjustable Ramp System) has dual, side-by-side hydraulic ramps that allow for simultaneous elevated access at varying heights, providing an enormous advantage to police, military and anti-terror forces. The MARS is adaptable to many non-armored and partially armored commercial vehicles as well as most OEM armored personnel carriers (APCs).


  • Ballistic Shields – MINUTEMAN SHIELD Folding Ballistic Shield can be folded for rapid deployment and convenient storage & available in 3 different options and offers a NIJ3A or NIJ3 threat level protection. HARDLINE SHIELD addresses operator’s needs for lightweight protection. A large ballistic viewport along with a curved grip handle allows the user to achieve tighter positioning & is available in both NIJ 3A and NIJ 3.


  • Micro-Navigation Dive Boards- Micro Dive Boards are slim, compact and cost effective alternatives to traditional diver navigation boards they are durable, lightweight and can easily be stowed when not in use.







  • FM54- The Avon fire hardened FM54 Air Purifying Respirator provides Specialist Operators maximum level of protection to the face, eyes and respiratory tract from Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN), Riot Agents, Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICS) and Toxic Industrial Materials while maintaining extreme user flexibility as mission profiles change.


  • ST54- The ST54 SCBA is the base to a multi-mission Respiratory Protection System which provides for operational flexibility to the operator and mission commanders in the field to tailor the PPE response based on the available intelligence. Depending on the threat or operational situation at the scene of an incident, the ST54 SCBA can be configured to provide the appropriate protection


  • PAPR product line – MP-PAPR is the world’s first flexible PAPR unit, a compact and easily integrated PAPR unit providing cooling, lower user burden and reduced pulmonary stress. The CS-PAPR gives the operator the capability to change levels of protection dependent on the threat, now provides the wearer with increased duration on target and safer operation. Utilizing the Avon MP-PAPR module along with the patented combination hose module, the wearer can seamlessly switch between APR, PAPR and SCBA modes of protection.


  • EZAir- Avon EZAir is the newest generation of single filter airflow system, substantially smaller and lighter than traditional powered air units. EZAir also provides the power source for all configurations of the AvonAir range.








    Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) Mode


  • Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) mode is available with our newest glass-free imagers. This mode gives users the ability to capture multiple X-ray images and store them on the imager itself. Once all images have been captured, they can be downloaded into the software for interpretation and further diagnostics. This allows users the ability to capture high-quality X-ray images with no wired or wireless communication downrange. With AED mode, deploying your X-ray imager with a robot has never been easier!


    Portable X-ray Systems


  • SOSTÓS – Logos Imaging’s newest flat panel system, the SOSTÓS system includes a 10”x10” glass-free imager. Ideally suited for dismounted tactical operations. Panel has 3 mm bottom and side border.


  • XIRÓS – Logos Imaging’s 12”x12” glass-free flat panel. At 5.7 lb (2.6 kg) and only 15 mm thin, the XIRÓS 2929N panel can be easily transported on target with minimal effort. Panel has 3 mm bottom and side border.


  • STENÓS –The STENÓS panel glass-free design allows for the smallest borders of any 14x17 DR imager on the market at just 3mm on one side. Coupled with the IP67 rated encloser, this allows the STENÓS panel to stand apart from the 14”x17” competition in durability.






    OV Security X-ray-


  • Deploy in under two minutes to minimize risk and expedite inspection without evacuation. Real-time live video x-ray enables rapid assessment of unattended items in public areas or discreet VIP protective details.


  • A unique imager explicitly designed for security enables the technician to sweep the entire item of interest from the ground up. There are no dead spaces near the ground or flat surfaces, as is typical of standard digital panels designed for medical and industrial scanners.


  • Reduce manual approaches and time on target for suspicious packages by deploying OV Security on a variety of robot platforms.


  • Highly collimated x-rays and specially designed shielding reduces your radiation footprint to a few feet, enabling hand-held operation while ensuring public safety.





    J&N Tactical :


  • DRACO Gas Delivery System and Hard Surface Breaching Tool - Patented, multi-use tool for the safe delivery of eight command initiated, indoor safe baffled chemical grenades and two NFDD’s into a hostile environment, including hardened structures and/or vehicles.Designed and engineered to couple seamlessly with the Lenco Bearcat.


  • NFDD Delivery Poles - Designed for the specific purpose of deploying NFDD’s into a structure/opening.The pole allows the operator to directly control the placement of the device during the moment of deflagration, thus reducing the chance of any human contact with the device.


  • Vandal Break & Rake Tool- Patented two break-head design allows the operator a greater tactical advantage when breaking and clearing out an opening. The "Y" which connects the two break heads to the handle allows the operator added safety by standing alongside of a window while it is ported, instead of additional operator exposure while standing in front of the window.


  • Robot Delivery Tool- Allows a "controlled delivery" of the Recon Scout XT and the new Throwbot 2 Robot.The RDT will allow a 6' operator the ability to reach an 18' window/opening. The RDT-1 enhances the capabilities of your Recon Scout throw-able robot turning it into a ultra-light pole camera for inspection of attics, roof tops and or visual clearing in tough to reach spaces/openings. The tool also is very versatile in pulling screens, fabric and/or objects out of the way while doing covert/stealth clearing and searching.


  • New for 2021 – 4’ Tactical Ladder - The 4’ tactical ladder was engineered and designed for hostage rescue/HRWS missions where consuming a structure from the exterior is planned.The ladder is also useful during citizen rescues from first story windows/openings during active shooter/hostile events.  The ladder is constructed of heavy gauge aluminum but only weighs 14.8 pounds.  The steps are 3 ½” wide with light extruded dimples for traction while shooting and/or rescuing victims from an opening.  L = 50”, W = 18.5”, D = 3.75”. 





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